G3C Labs

High technology and digital content company

About us

G3C Labs is a cutting-edge technology and digital content company whose mission is to deliver advanced contents and solutions for the music and entertainment industry. We work across three main verticals: gaming, video and audio.

We partner with top artists and companies around the world to deliver great experiences to users.


Our independent studio likes to combine technology with music to make innovative, creative, fun and engaging rhythm games.

We simply want to create games that did not exist before.


We produce high-quality music video contents and we distribute them across several media partners worldwide.

We also partner with selected producers and right owners to distribute featured contents internationally.


Independently or in partnership with talented artists, we produce cool music content to be streamed on our games and across third-party platforms.

With our partners, we also develop high-quality audio solutions to deliver great music.

Special projects

We produce or co-produce great shows in the music and entertainment space.

We partner with top producers, artists, labels, brands and distributors to build and deliver cross-media unique experiences.



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